About Us

HealthPark Hospitality provides hospitals and healthcare facilities with customized Valet Parking Programs, Shuttle and Driver Services, Solutions Parking Programs and Parking Management to improve your bottom line. Consumers expect valet parking to be part of their healthcare experience, so we put your patients at the heart of every interaction. We help your ill, elderly, and physically challenged patients; saving them time and hassle by avoiding the pain of remote parking. HealthPark also possesses an exceptional ability to work in close partnership with your organization’s administrators to support your goal of being the provider of choice.

Dominic Chiovari

President and CEO

“We are the leader in healthcare valet parking services. When you see how our attendants welcome patients and guests, you’re going to say that’s HealthPark. Each heartfelt comment we’ve received from patients makes us value how huge of a difference we are making in their lives.”

In 2005, Dominic formed HealthPark. He has worked for over 20 years in the valet parking industry with restaurants, casinos, theatres and retail and office centers. With his experience at such locations, Dominic realized that healthcare has its own unique separate focus from other valet parking systems. He believes that valet makes the most sense in providing services to the needs of patients at healthcare facilities.

Dominic has a B.S. degree in Accounting and Finance from DePaul University. He is a member of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety, American Hospital Association and National Valet Parking Association.

Salvatore Guagliardo

Senior Vice President of Operations

“I enjoy the constant interaction with people. Everyday is a new story. I was at one of our hospitals and an elderly woman came up to me because she couldn’t remember where she had parked her car. I got my car and drove around the campus with her and explained how our service works. When we found her car, I told her that anytime she has an appointment to just pull up to the valet and we could park her car. Now she uses our valet parking every week.”

Sal has over 13 years experience in the valet parking industry. He oversees daily operations of HealthPark involving hiring, training new employees, and scheduling. Sal provides 24/7 operational support to our site managers and valet attendants at our hospitals. Working in the service industry all his life, Sal now knows that he will make someone’s day a little bit better by doing what he loves.

Michael Mills

Vice President of Business Development

“I once witnessed an elderly lady pushing her husband from a distant parking lot in a wheelchair. I had a valet attendant grab a wheelchair and we ran to meet them in the parking area. I offered to push her husband while the other valet attendant gave her a ride. Her stress level went from high alert to laughing as we went through the hospital front door. We actually took them all the way to their appointment. I asked if I could trade her a valet ticket for her keys. I assured her that we would take good care of her car and have it waiting when they were ready to leave. When they left the hospital I retrieved the car, I got a kiss on the cheek and a tearful thank you; that is why I like working for HealthPark!”

Michael has years of experience working in the healthcare industry as well as with auditing. Prior to working for HealthPark, Michael was a regional director responsible for 22 hospitals in the Great Lakes and Midwest region. Michael believes that HealthPark is dedication to excellence; a careful balance of increasing productivity, as well as genuine care and compassion for our employees, hospitals, patients, and guests. Michael has a B.S. degree in International Business and Accounting from Florida State University.

Oleg Tscheknow

Southeast Regional Director

“What has touched me most is how our valets impact patients’ lives on a routine basis, especially those working at the cancer centers. The patients and their families arrive with apprehension, fear and uncertainty. As they continue to return for their ongoing treatments, we care for their vehicles and assist them into the hospital. As we get to know patients, they start to smile and may even share a personal story usually reserved only for family. Finally after days, weeks, and sometimes months of treatment, they exit with their graduation certificate. We get the best reward of all, a misty-eyed bear hug and a sincere thank you! This is the reason I am proud to represent HealthPark.”

Oleg joined HealthPark Valet in 2011 for the specific purpose of assisting in a start up operation in North Carolina. Since inception, HealthPark has opened four locations at the hospitals with growth from a staff of five valets to twenty. Oleg has over 30 years of management and customer service experience allowing for a visionary approach to the growth of healthcare facilities in the Southeast. Oleg has a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Belknap College as well as a Masters of Arts degree in Healthcare Management from Northeastern University.