First Impressions

First Impressions

August 27, 2012

You Can Never Redo a First Impression.

What is your patient’s initial experience when pulling up to your front entrance of your hospital? Think about your patient and guests’ initial interaction and first impression of your facility:

  • Do your guests know where to pull up and drop off their loved ones for their appointments?
  • Is your front driveway congested with cars?
  • Are your patients able to safely exit their cars, especially if they have a walker or need a wheelchair?
  • What if your guests are just picking up a patient and don’t want to park far away?

Before even verbally greeting patients, we often need to guide them into the driveway of a hospital. While this sounds minor, attention to these crucial details make a huge difference in interacting with patients and creating a positive first impression for your hospital’s patient experience:

  • Directing traffic flow in general
  • Waving cars forward to create space for additional cars
  • Staging cars in the driveway
  • Moving cars out of the driveway to be parked

Managing your front entrance for smooth and safe traffic flow is critical to creating a positive first impression for your hospital. A congested, messy driveway with unattended cars, opened doors or trunks, and backed-up cars waiting to drop off patients creates a chaotic and disorganized first impression of your hospital. As a hospital executive, how often do you drive up to the main entrance of your own hospital during your busiest hours?  Do your patients’ initial feelings about your entrance complement or detract from your hospital’s mission of an optimal patient experience?

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