Direct-To-Consumer Valet Technology

Our patient-centric valet parking technology helps to meet your patients’ expectations of an end-to-end connected healthcare experience. Our digital tools support hospitals’ and healthcare systems’ “direct-to-patient” initiatives and are an invaluable asset for greater engagement and a better patient experience.

Patients receive text for ticket and payment Patients text for car retrieval Car is staged for departure Patients receive satisfaction survey Healthcare executives receive car volume and satisfaction reports

Patients Receive Text For Ticket and Payment

  • Provides a time-saving, seamless, and contact-free experience
  • Helps to ensure physical distancing and a safer, more sanitary interaction

Patients Text For Car Retrieval

  • Further reduces vehicle retrieval time
  • Helps to increase utilization of valet
  • Positively impacts patient satisfaction

Car Is Staged For Departure

  • Patients can immediately depart
  • Vehicle is already cooled off or warmed up in inclement weather

Patients Receive Satisfaction Survey

  • More accurate consumer-facing assessment of your valet parking program
  • Actionable data allows for continuous proactive improvement
  • Real-time analytics drive a better experience

Healthcare Executives Receive Car Volume And Satisfaction Reports

  • Greater clarity regarding patient satisfaction ratings
  • Immediate access to valet utilization data and trends
  • Provides operational transparency for service hours and staffing recommendations

Mobile Payment

For hospitals requiring fee-based valet parking, our smartphone-based SaaS application offers credit card swiping for superior revenue control. Rather than cash transactions, our seamless mobile payment option is quicker for patients and compliant with Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).


“In my experience, it is quite rare that such services create the level of excitement and positive feedback that HealthPark has generated.”