Patient and Guest Testimonials

HealthPark provides your healthcare facility and patients a hassle-free valet parking experience. We help to eliminate complaints, maximize operational efficiency, and improve your bottom line. We promise to keep your patients at the heart of every interaction.

Hospital and healthcare facility executives across the U.S. share their insights about our customized Valet Parking Programs.

“This valet service is incredibly friendly, helpful, and efficient. Our patients like being able to drop off and pick up their cars at different entrances. The reports we receive from HealthPark make it simple to monitor valet satisfaction.”


“Valet helps ensure our high level of patient satisfaction. HealthPark is very proactive in serving the needs of our hospital and guests.”


“HealthPark has solved the congestion at our main entrance and is saving us 19% in operating costs.”


“Our patients appreciate HealthPark’s text-to-retrieve service and we are pleased with the data that this technology provides to us.”


“The transition to our HealthPark valet parking program has been smooth and simple. We have reduced our costs by 25%.”


“HealthPark is parking 15% more cars than our in-house operation. We are really pleased with our valet program.”


“In my experience, it is quite rare that such services create the level of excitement and positive feedback that HealthPark has generated.”


“HealthPark reduced our patients’ appointment cancellations by 34%.”


“Having HealthPark’s valet service for our patients is much safer, especially in the winter with the snow and icy conditions.”


“Outsourcing our valet to HealthPark has reduced our labor costs by $89,000 and increased productivity by 12%.”


“Patients like being able to text or call ahead for their cars when finishing up their appointments. HealthPark’s weekly satisfaction reports keep us up to date on our patients’ valet ratings and comments.”


“We are very happy with HealthPark. Their presence at our entrance has made a positive impact for our patients and visitors.”


“Due to patient feedback and increased demand, we are keeping our HealthPark valet service after construction is completed.”


Patients from North Carolina to California share their experiences about HealthPark’s valet parking and our courteous attendants.

  • “My son comes here once week for chemotherapy and I have always encountered friendly thoughtful service.”

  • “The attendant parking our car was excellent. He was wonderful. He scraped the ice off our car and did a great job!”

  • “I’m an elderly woman and don’t always feeling safe parking in the structure. So grateful for this service. Thank you.”

  • “Fast service and the guy was very polite. This is a great for people going through a stressful time visiting sick family members.”

  • “It was very easy to text for my car. Especially for someone like me who is not good with phone texting.”

  • “I left something in my car after it was already parked. The nice young man was so kind about getting the item for me.”

  • “An absolute 10. I haven’t used it before and it made things so much easier for my appointment. Thank you.”

  • “We have been coming for two months and the valet parking staff is always friendly. It is a bright spot in our visit.”

  • “The valet manager was very personable. He also was very informative with directions since I had never been here before.”

  • “Smooth process. Nice valets. Especially nice service with the messy road parking due to snowy weather.”

  • “Always professional and super friendly. They will always make you feel good and will make you smile.”

  • “My valet guy was fast and professional and even held the door for both people in our car. Thank you.”

  • “Great experience. Really appreciated their great attitude when there were so many cars to park and return to patients.”

  • “Your team is so pleasant and the option to text ahead to have your car ready is great. Thank you.”

  • “I forgot and left money in my car because I was stressed about the hospital. The valets didn’t touch the money. Thanks!”

  • “This was my first time using the valet and it was super easy and everyone was so nice. Thank you!”

  • “Your service is a 10+. I wish valet could be permanent after the construction is finished. Thank you so much!”

  • “Your attendant made me feel very comfortable and she gave me a lot of helpful information about the hospital.”

  • “I rate you a 10. We enjoy the valet. My husband will be starting cancer treatment soon and we’ll be using this every day.”

  • “All of the people are super friendly and nice. It is so nice having valet. Should keep it on after construction.”

  • “This valet parking is such a better option than trying to find parking in the garage. Thank you.”

  • “So great when coming in for chemo treatment to be able to drop off & have your vehicle delivered to you with a minimal wait. 10+”

  • “Very nice staff helped push my car out when I got stuck in the snow. Thank you for what you’re doing in this cold weather.”

  • “Valet completely takes away the headache of parking for my appointments. I really appreciate this service.”

  • “Your valet service was very friendly and prompt even on this busy, cold, and rainy day. Thank you.”

  • “This service is great for same day surgery patients. Excellent service. Love the valet staff.”

  • “We use valet instead of looking for a place to park. Text messaging is really quick for getting your car.”

  • “This is the first time we’ve used valet. It was too cold to walk from the regular lot though, so this was a great alternative.”

  • “Excellent service. We have used the valet eight times so far. Keep up the good work. Thank you!”

  • “This was fantastic. The valet was so convenient and saved me tons of time. Thanks!”

  • “Your valet service and your people are so appreciated in this snowy and cold weather. Thank you!”

  • “Extremely friendly staff. Always kind and courteous. Have used valet several times now and will continue using it.”

  • “Nice and amazing valet attendants that help out when you need it. I would have to rate it a 10 out of 10!”

  • “Even though it was very congested at the entrance with a lot of cars I was helped right away. Thank you.”

  • “The valet is a great service and very helpful when I’m in a lot of pain and have a hard time walking”

  • “The valet parking is amazing. Very polite staff that are doing a great service and are very helpful.”

  • “You guys are great and it’s nice that the valet is free. The time estimate was for my car pick up was accurate. Thanks.”

  • “It’s an excellent service and the staff is very courteous. Have used it nine times since starting chemo.”

  • “It is so nice to not have to find parking. I don’t have to walk with my kids through the parking lots to get to my car.”

  • “I would have to give it a 10 hands down. Valet is the absolute best way to park at the hospital. Thanks.”

  • “It was nice not having to hike from the parking lot, especially with snow and ice. Thank you so much.”

  • “The valet people were very pleasant friendly and helpful. Thank you for this service, it’s so easy to use.”

  • “They went in and got us a wheelchair and pushed my family member into the hospital. All with a smile and friendly attitude.”

  • “My mom and I both use a walker and I appreciate them taking them out of the car and loading them up when we are leaving.”

  • “The same attendant has greeted us upon arriving at the hospital the past few visits. He’s always super friendly.”

  • “You just keep making it better. Thank you so much for the wheelchair assistance, makes it much easier.”

  • “They’re all so pleasant to deal with and always brighten my day. Thanks for this valet service.”

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    “It’s so nice to have my car ready with the AC running when I have an appointment on a hot and humid day!”