Why HealthPark

With over 25 years of experience and helping over 120 healthcare facilities, the simple answer is to improve your bottom line. On average, our hospitals save $125,000 on labor annually over in-house valet operations. HealthPark helps to eliminate the extremely expensive costs of your existing valet parking that drain your time, resources, and budget. As your patient volumes fluctuate, consumer demands rise, and your healthcare facility staff is strained, we strive to relieve your operational and financial stress.

Complaints about inattentive greetings or remote parking lots can negatively impact your Patient Experience of Care score. Patients' concerns can be ongoing, temporary, or even unheard operational issues. HealthPark listens to your consumers, treats them with courtesy, and safely parks and retrieves their vehicles. You can't redo a first impression for patients arriving at your hospital campus and we help to drive positive experiences and patient loyalty for medical centers and healthcare facilities.

Reduce Costs

Our efficient valet parking solutions will:

  • Decrease both soft and hard costs ranging from management to payroll processing
  • Provide highly-engaged employees at lower fringe benefit rates
  • Reduce labor costs with more efficient staffing
  • Help to reduce patient appointment late arrivals and no-shows

Increase Productivity

While your clinical staff is focusing on better outcomes, let us handle welcoming your patients. We park more vehicles utilizing our:

    Data-based Staffing Model

  • More efficient use of flexible full-time and part-time employees
  • Accommodates our projected number of vehicles
  • Provides your patients with a faster arrival and departure experience
  • Operational Expertise

  • Guide traffic and reduce congestion at your entrance
  • Vehicles are parked safely and more efficiently to increase capacity
  • Utilize all available physical spaces by stack-parking
  • Improve productivity by increasing the volume of vehicles parked
  • Boost patients' utilization of valet parking service

Patient-Centric Technology

Our transparent valet parking technology helps to meet your patients’ expectations of an end-to-end connected healthcare experience. Our digital tools and real-time feedback support patient engagement journeys and are an invaluable asset for greater engagement and better patient retention.

Engaged Patients

A positive experience and engagement are top healthcare priorities for consumers. We start by hiring naturally courteous, helpful, and friendly people. At our HealthPark University, we train them to be highly-engaged valet attendants. Our associates reduce stress and are committed to helping healthcare facilities set a professional tone from the moment of arrival through departure.

We offer caring consumer-oriented interactions that help to improve patient retention by:

  • Providing every patient with a warm greeting and pleasant farewell
  • Assisting patients with entering into your healthcare facility
  • Loading and retrieving personal items from their vehicles

“Outsourcing our valet to HealthPark has reduced our labor costs by $89,000 and increased productivity by 12%.”