The Investment in a Hospital Valet Parking Program

The Investment in a Hospital Valet Parking Program

October 22, 2012

The Investment in a Hospital Valet Parking Program.

When we are contacted by hospitals for their valet parking needs, sometimes they express concerns about the “cost” of a valet parking program.

Hospital parking management is more necessity than luxury and can increase patient loyalty and the bottom line by:

  • Alleviating the potentially stressful, sometimes painful, task of hospital parking
  • Eliminating parking problems and complaints
  • Expediting patient flow
  • Decreasing appointment cancellations, as well as ‘no shows’, by making it easier and enjoyable to arrive
  • Ensuring on-time arrival rates, avoiding that dreaded domino effect where one late patient delays subsequent appointments

The discussion of “cost” paves the way to viewing a valet parking program as an  investment when realizing the bottom-line benefits.

Think about the costs to your hospital due to patients who are ‘no shows’ or late for their appointments. Does the productivity and efficiency of your clinical staff decrease due to the downtime while waiting for late patients?

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