“We tried to do this on our own but with our time and resources so limited due to COVID-19, we asked HealthPark to handle our screening.”
– Hospital Director of Operations

As healthcare organizations continue to screen for COVID-19, HealthPark offers a comprehensive and affordable solution to meet staffing requirements, handle evolving screening mandates, follow required HIPAA privacy protections, and provide proof of compliance.

Since March of this year, our COVID-19 screeners have been helping to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and provide an added layer of security at the entrances of healthcare facilities.

Our associates are managing and expediting the COVID-19 screening process by expanding staffing and opening additional entrances to monitor access for millions of patients, guests, employees, and vendors. We are positively engaging with patients and visitors by communicating healthcare facility-issued scripts and explaining the COVID-19 screening process. By being friendly, empathetic, authoritative, and clearly setting expectations, we help to reduce visitors’ frustrations. Our attendants quickly issue patient and guest stickers and inspect employee and vendor badges, getting visitors to their destinations within the hospital as quickly as possible.

HealthPark is closely coordinating with hospital, medical center, and clinic administrators to customize their COVID-19 screening protocols to their exacting needs. While ensuring adherence to required HIPAA privacy protections, specific examples of our improvements are:
• Distributing masks to visitors
• Expanding hours of operation from 5 a.m. through 9 p.m. to accommodate daily volumes of up to 700 patients, guests, employees, and vendors
• Tailoring health questionnaire scripts and incorporating on-going updates regarding inquiries about symptoms
• Managing and scheduling the hospital’s staff, in addition to our own HealthPark staff, to ensure coverage of entrances
• Reviewing and verifying the completion of hospital employees’ smartphone COVID-19 self-examination apps
• Calling departments and providers to communicate that their patient is in the lobby and should be arriving within minutes for their appointment
• Writing floor numbers on visitor stickers to help hospital staff visually confirm that visitors are at their specified destination only

Our screeners help to:
• Lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure
• Reduce screening process times
• Lessen the burden for administrators with HealthPark managing all scheduling responsibilities for screeners
• Ensure that nurses, technicians, and security officers return to their areas of expertise
• Reduce housekeeping’s workload by communicating to patients to go directly to their destination only and not to other areas of the facility
• Lower stress for clinical and administrative staff, as well as patients, guests, and vendors
• Limit any potential security incidents to the entrance only

HealthPark is happy to manage your COVID-19 screening process. Our professional, caring, and compassionate screeners help to protect your patients, guests, staff, vendors, and community. To save time and reduce your expenses, let us help manage, standardize, and streamline your COVID-19 screening process. For more information, please contact us at