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What is Hospital Valet Parking?

What is Hospital Valet Parking?

 October 8, 2012

What is Hospital Valet Parking?

When we initially meet with hospitals that partner with HealthPark for their valet parking needs, we often “start from the start” and answer the question, ‘What exactly is valet parking?”

Here is overview of what our hospital valet parking program encompasses:

  • Exhibit welcoming sign on the entrance drive.
  • Stand at a podium outside your front entrance in the heat and humidity of summer and cold, snowy gray winters.
  • Offer clarifying directions to patients and guests when entering the valet area.
  • Open the patient or guest’s door.
  • Greet the patient or guest with a welcoming statement.
  • Provide wayfinding as necessary.
  • Provide a brief description of the valet service to be provided.
  • Thank the patient or guest during the ticket exchange.
  • Facilitate entering the hospital.
  • Introduce the patient or guest as necessary.
  • Facilitate exiting the hospital.
  • Greet the patient or guest upon departure with a welcoming or farewell statement.
  • After the ticket is received from the patient or guest, offer a brief description of what to expect during the retrieval of the vehicle.
  • Retrieve vehicle safely and efficiently.
  • Position vehicle for safe and efficient loading.
  • Open the patient or guest’s door.
  • Provide assistance with loading the patient, guest, and personal items.
  • Thank the patient or guest; offer departure directions and a pleasant farewell.

All these smaller components mentioned above are carefully blended together to create a positive first impression for your patients. While we are always looking for additional opportunities to assist patients and guests, HealthPark’s attention to all these details set the stage for your hospital’s positive patient experience.

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