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Why Valet Parking at Hospitals, Medical Centers, And Healthcare Facilities Is Essential

Why Valet Parking at Hospitals, Medical Centers, And Healthcare Facilities Is Essential

There’s a good reason why valet parking is quickly becoming a standard service at hospitals—it enhances the patient experience. It also makes good sense—for your hospital, your patients and your guests.

You can’t redo a first impression
Hospital valet alleviates the potentially stressful, sometimes painful, task of hospital parking. A valet service staffed with well-trained, warm attendants ensures a great, patient-centered experience:

• Patients and guests receive a warm greeting
• The valets assist with information and ensuring the patient or guests safely reach their destination within the hospital
• Valets offer convenient car parking
• After an appointment, valets make it easy, safe and pleasant for patients and guests to head on their way

For patients and guests: more necessity than luxury
At many hospitals, parking is often limited, resulting in a confusing or painful long-distance trek for elderly and disabled patients. Valet parking provides a safe, secure and convenient way for patients to get to appointments on time and avoid the pain of walking when ill or incapacitated.

For hospitals: a bottom-line benefit
Hospitals offering valet parking services stand out as different and patient-centered, generating positive word-of-mouth from patients to their friends and family. For hospitals, the many tangible benefits of offering a friendly, well-trained valet parking service makes it more an investment than cost. Partnering with a healthcare-dedicated valet parking company can increase patient loyalty and the bottom line by improving:

• On-time arrival rates, avoiding that dreaded domino effect where one late patient delays subsequent appointments
• Clinical staff productivity and efficiencies, due to lower downtime while waiting for late patients
• Adherence to appointments, by making it easier and enjoyable to arrive

Benefits of outsourcing valet parking
You specialize in the best medical care, not valet parking. A valet parking company focused on hospitals can operate more efficiently and reduce associated costs. A valet parking program such as HealthPark’s can:

• Optimize labor resources
• Increasing utilization of valet service and volume of cars parked
• Decrease soft costs of management and hard costs such as payroll processing, as well as federal and state payroll taxes