Coronavirus COVID-19 Update: Our HealthParkSAFE precautions are in place. LEARN MORE


HealthParkSAFE is HealthPark Hospitality’s commitment to your healthcare facility, staff, and patients regarding our sanitization, disinfection, and decontamination protocols.

In support of your current COVID-19 and post-pandemic strategies, HealthParkSAFE is practiced by our employees to help keep your staff and patients safe and healthy. These guidelines are followed by all of our Valet Parking Program, Entrance and Access Monitor, Greeter and Information Attendant, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Employee Shuttle, Internal Patient Transportation, and Light Cleaning and Sanitizing Service associates while ensuring a caring, helpful, and positive experience for your patients.

HealthParkSAFE is our pledge to help safeguard your healthcare facility, staff, and patients regarding the delivery of and access to medical care.


“In my experience, it is quite rare that such services create the level of excitement and positive feedback that HealthPark has generated.”