Hospital and Healthcare Facility Services

HealthPark specializes in creating patient-centered services to help improve the patient experience. We put your healthcare organization first to design customized Valet Parking Programs and Support Solutions that will lower your labor efficiency costs, improve your bottom line, and provide a helpful atmosphere for your patients, guests, and employees.


Hospital parking can be a stressful and painful task. We solve this by removing confusion, accommodating any challenges, and addressing your hospital’s changing parking challenges. With our patient-centered approach, HealthPark’s valet attendants specialize in warm welcomes, patient safety, and efficient parking.

Warm Welcome

Our valet attendants follow your facility’s safety guidelines when interacting with your patients and guests. We offer a caring consumer-oriented experience and help to improve patient retention by:

  • Providing scripted greetings while welcoming your patients
  • Opening the patient’s vehicle door
  • Describing how our valet service works
  • Facilitating entrance into the hospital
  • Loading and retrieving personal items such as wheelchairs, crutches, and overnight bags from their vehicle

Patient Safety

HealthPark ensures patients and guests safely reach the entrance of the hospital upon arrival. We also make certain their vehicle is ready when they depart so patients can immediately head home safely. Our attendants also provide an extra set of eyes and ears for safety for your hospital.

Efficient Parking

HealthPark attendants improve your patient experience daily by providing valet parking for patients and guests.

  • Eliminates patients driving around and parking in a remote location
  • Patients avoid the pain of walking when ill or incapacitated
  • Lowers patients’ late arrivals and reduces no-show appointments
  • Easily adaptable for limited parking spaces and construction

Key Performance Indicators

HealthPark monitors KPIs regarding patients’ assessments of their valet parking experience and valet parking utilization rates. Reports are delivered to you on a daily, weekly, monthly, and year-to-date basis.

  • Patient Satisfaction Reports—We collect customer feedback, mine the data for insights, and then utilize that knowledge to better engage with patients and perfect their valet experience. These reports provide you with data regarding scores and comments, as well as survey completion and vehicle retrieval rates.
  • Vehicle Volume Reports—We compile the scanned valet ticket data detailing the number of patients using valet parking at your facility. Utilization trends are monitored and those statistics drive our operational improvements. These reports provide you with data charting vehicles parked per day and week for your entrances, volume averages, and the attendants’ names who operated each vehicle.

HealthPark University

All of our employees graduate from our HealthPark University and have a deep knowledge of how to enhance the patient experience, as well as an understanding of the HIPAA privacy rules, pain intensity scale, and the importance of the Patient Experience of Care Score.

Touchless Ticket

Our patient-centric valet parking technology helps to meet your patients’ expectations of an end-to-end connected healthcare experience. Our digital tools support hospitals’ and healthcare systems’ “direct-to-patient” initiatives and are an invaluable asset for greater engagement and a better patient experience.

Touchless Ticket

With our ticketless choice, patients and guests have the option to receive a text instead of a paper ticket. Patients simply provide their phone number for a paperless, digital valet ticket—helping to ensure physical distancing and a safer, more sanitary interaction.


With Tap-To-Retrieve, patients click on their smartphone, or can also call, to request the retrieval of their vehicle while they are still inside your hospital. Our attendants start to retrieve patients’ vehicles while they are preparing to leave your facility. When patients arrive at the valet stand at your entrance, their vehicle is waiting for them.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Our automated valet satisfaction survey is sent to your patients via text. Patients can provide scores and comments regarding our service—ensuring a safe, seamless valet parking experience.

Shuttle Service

We safely transport your staff from remote and distant parking lots to your entrances in a timely manner. Our drivers strive to create a positive employee experience and focus on their satisfaction. We offer custom-designed healthcare facility shuttle programs and provide you with the appropriate vehicles for your needs. Our transportation options include golf carts, minivans, shuttles, and buses. We are also happy to provide drivers for your existing vehicles.

Entrance Monitors
Patients & Employees

We provide friendly attendants to greet your patients, guests, employees, and vendors. Our attendants monitor and check your employee and vendor badges, enforce your restrictions to limit certain types of access, and provide direction for your patients, guests, employees, and vendors.

We help to:

  • Lessen the burden for administrators with HealthPark managing all scheduling responsibilities for entrance monitors
  • Ensure that nurses, technicians, and security officers focus on their areas of expertise
  • Reduce housekeeping’s workload by communicating to patients to go directly to their destination only and not to other areas of the facility
  • Lower stress for clinical and administrative staff, as well as patients, guests, and vendors
  • Limit any potential security incidents to the entrance only
Valet Security

and Information

Our helpful greeters immediately engage your patients and guests—setting a positive tone for their visit. Our attendants offer scripted greetings, provide hospital maps, and share directory information to help patients and guests find their way to their appropriate destination with ease.

Screen visitors



HealthPark puts your facility and brand first to design a customized cost-effective patient transportation service that supports your vision of improving population health management. We help to reduce your clinical downtime, improve patient throughput, and positively impact your long-term bottom line. Our drivers accommodate your physically-challenged and able-bodied patients, helping to ensure that underserved populations do not miss their medical appointments. Our ADA-compliant vehicles are specially-equipped to meet your organization’s requirements and patients’ needs. We help you by offering:

  • On-Demand Transportation that adapts to your facility’s needs and provides constant communication with your staff so that your clinical operations are not disrupted
  • Dedicated Drivers who are assigned specifically to your facility to ensure familiarity, strengthen the lines of communication, and provide comfort to your staff and patients
  • Safe-Patient Technology featuring real-time GPS monitoring of vehicles so your patients feel secure and protected during their trips, encouraging adherence to their appointments