Hospital Valet Parking

HealthPark specializes in creating patient-centered parking services to help improve the patient experience. We put your hospital and healthcare facility first to design a customized Valet Parking Program that will improve your bottom line and provide a friendly greeting to your guests.

Valet Parking Program

Hospital parking can be a painful task. We alleviate this stressful situation by removing confusion, accommodating any challenges, and addressing your hospital’s complex parking challenges. With our patient-centered approach, HealthPark’s valet attendants specialize in warm welcomes, patient safety, and efficient parking.

Warm Welcome

Our valet attendants greet every guest and patient with warm, enthusiastic, and positive words to help enhance their visit. We offer a caring consumer-oriented experience and help to improve patient retention by:

  • Opening the patient’s vehicle door
  • Describing how our valet service works
  • Providing directions as needed
  • Facilitating entrance into the hospital
  • Loading and retrieving personal items such as wheelchairs, crutches, and overnight bags from their vehicle

Patient Safety

HealthPark ensures patients and guests safely reach the entrance of the hospital upon arrival. We also make certain their vehicle is ready when they depart so patients can immediately head home safely. Our attendants also provide an extra set of eyes and ears for safety for your hospital.

Efficient Parking

HealthPark attendants improve your patient experience daily by providing valet parking for patients and guests.

  • Eliminates patients driving around and parking in a remote location
  • Patients avoid the pain of walking when ill or incapacitated
  • Lowers patients’ late arrivals and reduces no-show appointments
  • Easily adaptable for limited parking spaces and construction

Key Performance Indicators

HealthPark monitors KPIs regarding patients’ assessments of their valet parking experience and valet parking utilization rates. Reports are delivered to you on a daily, weekly, monthly, and year-to-date basis.

  • Patient Satisfaction Reports—We collect customer feedback, mine the data for insights, and then utilize that knowledge to better engage with patients and perfect their valet experience. These reports provide you with data regarding scores and comments, as well as survey completion and vehicle retrieval rates.
  • Vehicle Volume Reports—We compile the scanned valet ticket data detailing the number of patients using valet parking at your facility. Utilization trends are monitored and those statistics drive our operational improvements. These reports provide you with data charting vehicles parked per day and week for your entrances, volume averages, and the attendants’ names who operated each vehicle.
  • HealthPark University

    All of our employees graduate from our HealthPark University and have a deep knowledge of how to enhance the patient experience, as well as an understanding of the HIPAA privacy rules, pain intensity scale, and the importance of the Patient Experience of Care Score.

Shuttle and Driver Service

Our pleasant drivers safely transport your patients and employees from distant parking lots to your entrances in a timely manner. We offer a helping hand, load wheelchairs, proactively seek out opportunities to assist, and serve as additional security.

Solutions Parking Program

Increase parking capacity by at least 50 percent at your hospital. We solve parking challenges due to rapid growth, construction, or capacity issues that plague parking lots across healthcare facilities. We can accommodate hundreds of additional vehicles with our flexible, quick-to-implement, and affordable solutions.

Parking Management

Outsource your parking management to us. Lots and fee-based parking structures can cause inconvenience for patients, guests, and hospital staff if not properly maintained and managed. We improve your parking experience by managing and maintaining a clean and secure parking facility while keeping costs under control.