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How Hospitality Within Healthcare is Adapting

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

The intersection of the fields of hospitality and healthcare continue to merge in 2020. Enhancing the patient experience is often one of the most sought-after initiatives and goals of providers, hospitals, and healthcare systems today. Improving the patient experience, especially during COVID-19, is constantly being addressed, changed, and improved.

Hospitality within the healthcare sector is even more important with new protocols being put in place due to COVID-19 to help safeguard healthcare facilities, staff, and patients.  Hospitals consider hospitality as a major part of their progress in this competitive world. The hospital and hospitality relationship play a major part in winning over new customers and retaining the old ones.

Healthcare hospitality has had to adapt to the changes brought on by COVID-19. New guidelines are being followed by valet parking programs, entrance and access monitors, greeters and information attendants, non-emergency medical transportation, and other healthcare services to ensure a caring and safe environment for patients while maintaining pre-COVID-19 hospitality standards.

HealthPark strives to provide a warm and friendly welcome by our valet attendants following your facility’s COVID-19 safety plan and put distance between ourselves and others as best as we can when interacting with your patients and guests. We offer a caring consumer-oriented experience and help to improve patient retention while practicing strict adherence to recommended CDC protocols.

In support of your current COVID-19 and post-pandemic strategies, HealthParkSAFE is practiced by our employees to provide a welcoming environment while helping to keep your staff and patients safe and healthy.



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