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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

The reasons for visiting your healthcare facility—ranging from the birth of a child or a sprained ankle to heart surgery or cancer treatment—require a compassionate, helpful, and caring valet parking experience. HealthPark understands that we are only as good as our people. We hire the most caring, friendly, and solution-oriented attendants with a passion for service. We train our employees to deliver professional, safe, and efficient service that complies with healthcare regulations.

With over 80 healthcare clients, we have perfected our hiring, training, and operational approach. This allows us to deliver a service that helps your patients ease into an environment that can, at times, be worrying and stressful while also keeping your costs as low as possible.

Labor is a critical component and accounts for 82 percent of our valet parking program costs. We pay our valet parking attendants above minimum wage rates. An underpaid valet parking staff only endangers a positive first impression and the brand reputation of your hospital. HealthPark ensures a high-quality valet parking service featuring engaging and helpful attendants with minimal turnover by paying our hourly staff a fair and competitive market-rate wage.

Our fair wages, hiring process, and employee training account for our labor costs. This investment, along with maintaining our fringe rates at 27 percent, allows us to keep other costs at a minimum—operating our valet parking programs at maximum efficiency.

Our extensive background check and hiring process ensures that we will have the most qualified employees while maintaining a safe and secure valet parking operation at your healthcare facility.

We also take great care to determine the exact number of total valet attendants for your valet parking operation—ensuring the necessary coverage for absences, turnover, and vacations—while fulfilling your contract requirements.

All HealthPark regional managers, site managers, and valet attendants attend HealthPark University—our comprehensive training program for providing a professional and courteous valet parking experience for your hospital. Our program includes:
• Patient Experience Training
• The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Leadership Courses
• Healthcare Compliance Training
• Vehicle and Driving Safety Training

HealthPark’s fixed-price contracts, with no hidden or pass-through costs, provide you with a clear financial assurance for your organization’s operating budget.

Our daily, weekly, and monthly vehicle volume reports provide clarity of our operational efficiency while encouraging the monitoring and accountability of our valet parking program—so that your organization is confident in HealthPark’s performance and commitment.

HealthPark is solely dedicated to valet parking programs, non-emergency medical transportation, and hospital employee shuttle services for hospital and clinics. HealthPark is your most dependable and cost-effective valet parking partner who truly understands the environment and unique needs of a healthcare facility.

For more information about our customized valet parking programs, please contact us at